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Welcome to Vanda Finance

Vanda Finance was setup as part of Vanda Corporation and established by a group of real estate and finance industry professionals with over 30 years combined experience.

The company is based in Western Sydney with our primary focus on securing finance and financial planning within the major capital cities (Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne) along the east coast of Australia.

Through our extensive network of financial brokers and associated partners, we can offer you the following services:

• Residential Mortgages • Commercial Loans • General Insurance
• Life Insurance • Retirement Planning • Estate Planning

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Mortgage Broker FAQs

What is a Mortgage Broker?

 A Mortgage Broker acts as the middle person between a borrower and a Lender. 

They will negotiate the loan on your behalf and compare 100’s of different loan products and find the right loan for your needs and scenario. 

A Mortgage Broker will also save you time by managing your loan application from start to finish. 

How much will it cost?

Our service is free of charge to you. 

When your loan settles the lender will pay a commission to us. .

When should you see a Mortgage Broker?

 You can see a Mortgage Broker at any point whether you are just thinking about buying or have a property in mind. 

The key is that the earlier you engage a Mortgage Broker the better.

You don’t wish to find the perfect property and be heartbroken because you can’t afford it or don’t have your finances in order. 

It is therefore recommended that you sit down with a Mortgage Broker and obtain a pre-approval before you start looking for a property to purchase.

How to engage a Mortgage Broker?

 When you meet with a Mortgage Broker, they will discuss your individual circumstances and finance requirements. 

They will then use specialised software to compare hundreds of loan products to find the ones most suited to you. 

Tips for Looking for a Home Loan


  1. Consider a Mortgage Broker: - A mortgage broker is there to help you find the right home loan for your situation. A Mortgage Broker can show you the ropes and explain everything to you.
  2. Plan your Budget: - Planning a budget and being able to stick to it and constantly revise it is one of the most important things when planning your Home Loan. 
  3. Know your limitations: - Do not buy what you cannot afford. It is easy to convince yourself that you can stretch and will be ok; however it is important to think about the unexpected. What if you don’t get that promotion? What if your partner lost their job? You could lose everything.
  4. Save the biggest deposit you can: - A saved deposit will assist you to show potential lenders that you have financial discipline, it will also provide you with more equity when you buy. This reduces your interest and repayments.
  5. Apply for the First Home Owners Grant Early: - The best time to apply for the FHOG is the same time you are applying for the Loan. You can lodge the Grant application through most lenders. The sooner you apply the earlier you have access to the funds.
  6. Rid yourself of excess debt: - Do not make the mistake of applying for your first home loan when you are carrying excessive debt. Make the effort of reducing existing debt before adding a mortgage.
  7. Be a cynical buyer: - Do not believe everything you are told. Get the building and pest inspections, checkout the prices of comparable properties in the area. Do your research.
  8. Ensure you receive everything you are entitled to: - Different states and territories offer their own incentives to first home buyers through their own grants and concessions. Make sure you know what is available in your area.

Our Services

Car Loans

Compare Car Loans in Australia for the lowest interest rates, secured and unsecured car loans.

Compare Car Loans in Australia for the lowest interest rates, secured and unsecured car loans.

General Insurance


Compare and Protect your Car and Home.

Financial Planning


Sound Financial Advice, Wealth Creation and protecting you and your family's assets and lifestyle.

MFAA Approved Broker


All Finance Specialists at Vanda Finance hold MFAA Full Membership

VOW Financial Authorised Credit Representative


Vanda Finance (ACR# 405785) is an Authorised Credit Representative with Vow Financial Pty Ltd (ACL #390261)