General Insurance

General Insurance is non-life related insurance policies which include Car Insurance, Home & Building Insurance and Landlord Insurance.

We all need insurance at some point in our life to protect our wealth, assets and family. 

The key is to ensure that we have the right type and amount of insurance for your circumstance.

That is where we come in.

Home Building & Contents Insurance


 For most people your home is the most expensive asset that you will purchase in your lifetime. 

It doesn’t make sense to leave things to chance and not have it insured. Building and contents insurance protects your house against a wide range of threats including theft or damage (i.e. fire). 

Considering the value of your home having it insured is a smart move. 

Car Insurance


 If you own your own car it is important to ensure you have Comprehensive car insurance to protect you from the cost of damage to your car of the car of someone else. 

Often it is a requirement of the Car Loan Lender that you hold a current Comprehensive Insurance Policy on your car. 

It also provides you with peace of mind. 

Land Lord Insurance


 Landlord Insurance protects your Rental Property from loss or damage caused as a result of fire, storm or theft. 

The insurance coverage also provides options to protect you against rent default and theft/damage from the tenants. 

Premiums on landlord insurance can also usually be claimed as a tax deduction making them more affordable. 

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