About Us

Vanda Corporation was setup in July 2005 and established by a group of real estate and finance industry professionals with over 30 years combined experience.

The company is based in Western Sydney with our primary focus on residential property providing property related services through its associated divisions within the major capital cities (Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne) along the east coast of Australia.

Vanda Corporation provides the following corporate services to the company’s associated divisions and business units:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • And more.

The consolidation of services through Vanda Corporation, delivers a more efficient and effective service at a fraction of the cost which enables them to deliver a higher quality of service and provide additional services to their customers.

We pride ourselves on the philosophy that ethics and customer service is ranked above everything else which is the corner stone of Vanda Corporation and its associated companies.

We also hold in high regard the exceptional level of expertise we maintain through a careful laid out recruitment regime and our commitment to providing a flexible, family orientated, pleasant and enjoyable working environment where our staff come before profits.

Our staff are excessively happy and passionate about what we do and work hard to ensure we remain at the fore front of an ever changing industry and provide the best possible services to meet your needs.

To enhance the services we can provide and ensure we are best placed to meet your complete needs we have introduced a number of separate divisions within Vanda Corporation which you may find of interest:

  • Vanda Developments – For Investment, joint venture and development opportunities.
  • Vanda Realty – For all your Real Estate sales and management needs.
  • Vanda Finance – For Financial Loans and Financial Planning requirements.
  • Vanda Strata – To provide Strata Management Services.

We will also continue to offer additional services to ensure we continue to meet our client needs.

We know that we are privileged: to be invited into your home; to be considered for any of the investment opportunities or services we provide; or to be successful in being able to serve and assist you with your needs.

We will continue to strive to exceed your expectations and improve on our business.

We will also continue to give back to the community and assist charitable organisations through the work that we do.

We work hard for you. The bottom line is you can trust us.

We look forward to serving you.